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We value our patients' experience at Chiropractic Center of Annapolis. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the Client Experience Questionnaire.

Dr. William Boro and Dr. Mary Psaromatis
Your Annapolis Chiropractors

"After the very first treatment from Dr. Boro the pain relief was so great I could hardly believe it!"  


"I was just about ready to surrender to back surgery when, at the urging of a friend, I (reluctantly) went to see Dr. Boro.  The best decision I ever made.  I have my life back - without surgery."  


"I am pain free and have resumed full activities."  


"My heartfelt gratitude to you for correcting my carpal tunnel syndrome. If only the chiropractic option to surgery were better known, more candidly acknowledged by medical doctors!"  


"Dr. Boro is a miracle man to me. His methods seem to make all the difference."  


"I received dramatic improvement in recurring diverticulitis after just a few adjustments. Since being treated by Dr. Boro, I have not had any other problems."  


"The most thorough comprehensive total body care I ever received from a health care practitioner. With his unusual approach, he adjusted my whole body. I would highly recommend Dr. Boro to anyone with health issues of any kind."  


"Dr. Boro is professional, extremely knowledgeable and very skilled. He listens and shows great concern for his patients."  


"After 4 years of visits to other chiropractors and physical therapists for shoulder pain from an accident, Dr. Boro relieved the pain in one visit. AMAZING!"  


"Dr. Boro offered nutritional treatments that began to change how I felt inside and out."  


"After only 2 visits, I woke up the next day completely pain free. It was as if the trauma had never occurred."  


"Since I have been your patient I have gained tremendous respect for your knowledge and ability to make me well."


"My four year old son had a sprained ankle. Dr. Boro fixed him up with one treatment. He completely stopped limping by the next day. Dr. Boro and his staff were great with my son!"  


"Dr. Boro said he could help me with my problems (neck pain, congestion, ear pressure). I came in for the neck pain, but found out that my long term congestion problem could also be relieved. That has happened. All of my problems have been helped even though I got frustrated at times and the ear pressure drove me crazy! I learned under Dr. Boro's care that it takes time and patience but persistence is the key. Thanks!"  


"Headaches are gone. No PMS. In fact, everything about the way my body functions, including hormonal balance, is much better. I never think about it."  


"After several adjustments, a cessation of all symptoms for over a year. With periodic visits, I can stay pain free. Formerly, I had relief for only one to two weeks after treatment and eventually nothing helped. Then I found Dr. Boro!"  


"Dr. Boro fixed the problem (upper muscles in leg wouldn't work) in 3 visits. No surgery. No problems with upper legs since treatment from him. No longer use a cane. Happiness is the freedom to walk without a cane."  


"My 5 month old daughter was constipated. Immediately after being adjusted, she had a bowel movement and has been going every day without fail since (about 2 weeks now.)"  


"The most thorough comprehensive total body care I ever received from a health care practitioner. With his unusual approach, he adjusted my whole body. With compassion he did a lymph type drainage for releasing the swollen breast tissue."  


"Had double click in my jaw. Dental specialist said if it doesn't hurt, live with it. Otherwise, we can operate. I asked Dr. Boro if he could fix it. He did. No clicks now and my regular dentist was shocked. I would definitely recommend Dr. Boro for lots of issues. His approach is more comprehensive than other chiropractors."  


"Dr. Boro has literally saved me from a great deal of unnecessary surgeries."  


"My experience with Dr. Boro has been exceptional."  


"If you've tried everything else, why not try something that gets to the cause of the problem?"  


"Your continuing education and dedication to improve the lives of your patients is outstanding."  


"My neck is feeling better. You've done more for me in 2 visits than 4 months of physical therapy. PT feels good, but it doesn't always resolve the issue."